Öreghegy Boat Station - Balatonalmádi

The Öreghegy boat station is situated in Balatonalmádi, almost at the Káptalanfüred hill, near the Yacht camping. The boat station is operated by the Vitorlás (Sailing Boat) Boat Station and Service Public Company Limited By Shares. The members and sportsmen of the Pleasure Sailboat Sports Club have also established their independent organization here. The well-kept area measuring nearly 17.000 m2 is a real paradise for yachtsmen and water sports lovers.

The territory of the boat station is a closed area; visitors and guests are admitted and security is ensured by the reception services open 24 hours a day. Members and renters have their own keys. Yachtsmen and their guests can park their vehicles in a shady parking lot.   

The reconstruction of the boat station, which has 125 mooring places, was finished in 2004. The paved esplanade on the shore, the tree-lined zone protecting the shore and the inner piers ensure the easy accessibility of the boats, on foot and with luggage, in good or bad weather. On the whole territory of the boat station, power supply, TV connections and drinking water are provided for all boats. During the evening hours, the illumination of the piers and the shore ensure accident-free traffic. There are no waves in the boat station even in case of a strong wind.

The launching and retrieving of boats are helped by the private crane of the boat station. We have constructed a place for washing boats which makes the movement of the crane possible. Here you can clean your boat quickly and easily with the help of a high-pressure water jet. Naturally, the storage of boats for the winter is also possible.

Near the shore you can find the building of the club which serves the yachtsmen's comfort with toilets, lavatories and showers. The roofed terrace which offers a picturesque view on Lake Balaton is very practical either when the sun is shining or when it is raining. Also, you can find a well-equipped kitchen here. The upstairs of the club house is suitable for friendly conversations, playing cards or watching TV.

On the ground floor of the multi-storey service building on the right side of the way in has another kitchen, toilets and showers. You can find the office of the managing director and the rest room of the reception service here.

Upstairs there are six guest rooms with a view on Lake Balaton. The double rooms have toilets, washbasins and showers and can be equipped with extra beds. Accommodation reservation can be made on our web site, over the phone, by fax or in person.  

Caravan places are available in two rows on the northern part of the area bordering the Yacht camping. Caravan sites can be rented for the whole year.

The small boats, jolly-boats and sports boats which are not constantly on the water can be found near the shore. The launch of the small boats is helped by a slip-way.

Our service fees can be found on the other pages of our web site.

If you arrive from the open water as a guest, then after docking it is essential that you visit the harbour master who will help you 'park' the boat in a way that no one else will be troubled.

We wish all our visitors a good time!